Ensure Optimum Performance of the Applications

Having an effective performance management strategy in place is important to foster accountability, cost efficiency and transparency of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. CA Wily Application Performance Management (APM) achieves this management strategy, ensuring the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’s mission to sustain accountability and transparency.

When developing, implementing, and maintaining a mission critical web application, important questions to consider are:

  • How would poor end-user experience affect the success and the Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
  • If we were to become temporarily unavailable, what would be the impact on the American public and how would that affect the perception of the Recovery Board?
  • When a performance issue arises, will it stall the development process, thus delaying the release of information to the public?
  • How long does it take to diagnose the what, where and why of a problem, and is there adequate staff and time available to quickly triage the pending issue?
  • In order to ensure the sustainability and availability of, it is necessary to monitor, measure, and manage, a mission critical web application, using the CA Wily APM solution.

This is accomplished through the ability to predict problems and monitor all transactions in real-time, 24×7, providing visibility into a complex and typically invisible environment. The visibility that CA Wily APM provides allows the Recovery Board to pinpoint problems proactively, before quality of service is impacted and end-users are affected. When problems do occur, the quick triage and diagnosis will improve productivity within the staff, while increasing the availability and performance. The CA Wily APM solution supports the mission of the Recovery Board and assures that accountability and transparency to the public is maintained.

Why is it important?

The Recovery Board faces a difficult challenge: with tight budgets and limited staff, the Recovery Board must deliver web applications, such as to their constituents without compromising quality of service or efficiency. Any problems with performance or availability could affect the public perception of the Recovery Board.

CA Wily APM products and services allow the Recovery Board to improve citizen satisfaction by monitoring transactions end-to-end, proactively detecting performance issues, and ensuring service level compliance, all in the production environment.

The CA solution allows the Recovery Board to focus on delivering pertinent information to the public without having to worry about the performance of the web application.

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