It’s the thought that counts

Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately, but I’m just not finding the time to actually sit down and do it. I don’t know, between work,…and well frankly, work, I’m just not getting a whole lot of anything else accomplished other than the occasional meal and the odd restless snooze. I still enjoy having the blog out there, but expect the postings to be sporadic and brief in the coming months.

I did catch a little breather the other day and watched Fishing with John, a bizarre yet extremely funny excerpt from the demented imagination of John Lurie and guests. The episode shot in Maine with Willem Dafoe had us in stitches. I will never be caught dead camping without my cheese crackers again.

One of the things i did while at work this morning was to go a few steps farther with a Palm app I’m building that will allow users to enter data in a PICO form, which will in turn, help them to complete a CAT (critically appraised topic). Yes, sounds like a bad veterinarian’s story rather than a library tale. The program started as a favour for some colleagues at the UofA Health Sciences Library. If the app gets the thumbs-up, I will make it available to the public (for free, obviously).

I’ve definitely developed a new admiration for those that design applications for anything less than a 17 inch monitor.

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