The Funding Roadmap provides the best networked online eco-friendly business planning and reporting solution with complete transparency to help achieve the goals of the government , entrepreneurs, investors and lenders alike.

The we can markedly improve the odds of financing a small business by providing a fast, affordable, web-based business plan alternative for the millions of Americans willing and able to take the job of economic stimulation into their own hands. This is a timely matchmaking tool for the marriage of capital to new and expanding businesses.

The modern economic system is global and instantaneous. Even in the current climate, successful deals are made and funds are transferred around the clock. Information flows quickly to where it can leverage an advantage in the moment. How is it then that the process of applying for, reviewing, and approving capital for small business is still mired in the paper and template-based business plans of the mid-20th century?

For entrepreneurs seeking funding, this program offers a standardized, multiple choice and narrative-based environment, compliant with GAAP and SBA criteria. Funding Roadmap is comprised of an Executive Summary with video player for an applicant’s personal elevator pitch, Business Plan, Numerical Summaries, all inter-linked, and a Due Diligence Report. These online reports create a new standard of transparency and disclosure while at the same time, the extensive use of multiple choice questions makes for a faster, easier process for the applicant. This offers a media rich, globally accessible, instantly updatable document that can speed an applicant’s funding of the recovery money and allow instant review of the progress of the use of those funds by any agency in the future all stored online.

Funding Roadmap provides instant global access for review by investors, lenders or FEMA. Secure online storage protects this critical information in case of fire or natural disasters, allowing access anytime from anywhere.

Why is it important?

The government is trying to bolster the financial system, but the information systems used to start new businesses or shore up stressed ones are still languishing in the 1900s. Business Plan and Due Diligence reporting are still for all practical purposes, still inscribed on parchment at a time when they most certainly should be provided in a comprehensive, transparent and globally accessible online format.

27 million small business owners and millions of new businesses yet to come, (from the minds of the 12 million and growing of unemployed who may take a leap of faith into self employment), now have access to a standardized platform online to aid the development and funding of their enterprises. With the kind of necessary disclosure requirements included in our GAAP and SBA compliant financial statements and facilitated due diligence report and video elevator pitch, investors and lenders will have a world of realistic possibilities at their fingertips, and entrepreneurs with great ideas will have access to the global funding community, and everyone will be able to collaborate with each other, with full disclosure and transparency.

While Funding Roadmap™ multiplies the economic possibilities, it eliminates the need to physically print, handle and convey business plans and proposals in a paper-based format, with obvious benefits for the planet.