WordPress Print Plugin

Having at one time been labeled a “loser” in Walt Crawford’s article on the printability of blog postings (a point well deserved ), I thought it worthwhile to install the WP Print Plugin to my site (note: newest plugin version *is* compatible with WP 2.x) .

If I remember correctly, I think I had actually fixed my F rating and redeemed myself somewhat by jumping from MT to WP just as Walt was in the process of publishing the article.

It’s not that I’m likely to have a lot of people printing off archives of my personal blog. However, others with more print-worthy writing, for example, those using WP blogs on their staff intranets, library news pages, or for other purposes, might want to check out the plugin and make some use of it.

The WP Print plugin provides a link to a straight forward text version of the posting, complete with an easy to identify permalink and a section at the end listing all of the URLs mentioned in the posting. It takes about 45 seconds to install so there’s really little excuse for not making your pages a little more printer-friendly.

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