Blogs, Tablet PCs, and everything in between

Randy has already noted that the two of us had a little brush with local blogging fame this week. A nice surprise, and I’m glad that people are interested. I’m very curious to see what kind of a piece Mairi has put together on blogging. Should be interesting.

Last night’s Banned Book Caf was excellent. The coffee house located inside the library was packed with people, and the atmosphere of the place was really positive and encouraging to witness. One younger guy did some reading from Margaret Atwood’s book, The Handmaid’s Tale.

It amazes me that a story that has such obvious literary merit for our society–with its warnings and undercurrents against such things as the abuse of the environment, or the manipulation of societal values by a single group (the religious right)–how, how can people still be so ignorant about these things.

The Tablet PC might be just the thing that people have been waiting for. BusinessWeek is forecasting that the market for Tablet PCs is on the verge of taking off. I might agree, but as they say, this will depend heavily on the price point that gets attached to them. Read more from the article, “Tablet PCs: An Overnight Sensation.”

Even Guiness World Records has recognized this as a milestone in computing: “Some folks from Israel have created a computer that runs on DNA and enzymes and is supposedly 100,000 times faster then today’s PCs. Information at National Geographic, Telegraph UK and United Press.”

Just listen to this, “Perhaps most importantly, DNA computing devices could revolutionize the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. Some scientists predict a future where our bodies are patrolled by tiny DNA computers that monitor our well-being and release the right drugs to repair damaged or unhealthy tissue.

“Autonomous bio-molecular computers may be able to work as ‘doctors in a cell,’ operating inside living cells and sensing anomalies in the host,” said Shapiro. “Consulting their programmed medical knowledge, the computers could respond to anomalies by synthesizing and releasing drugs.”" Unbelievable!

More about these crazy nano-sized computers can be found via National Geographic.

My friend Kenton always has his ear to the ground. He was telling me today that The Smoking Gun has published the rider for the ill-fated Great White pyrotechnics display that resulted in the death and injury of a few hundred concert-goers last week in Rhode Island.

There is no mention of pyrotechnics–just a few requests for amenities like a clean shower. Sad, really.

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