Why not library content too?

Doh! Caught sleeping. I didn’t realize that del.icio.us made it so easy to embed your bookmarks into a web page or the sidebar of your blog.

I was poking through the del.iicio.us blog looking for some stats for an upcoming presentation and found a link to their page on Linkrolls, which actually provides you with the a snippet of java script code to put into your website to display your bookmarks.

They offer a stripped down version of the object for those who like to take styling into their own hands, although they also offer some basic options that can be selected through a form to style your bookmarks and include such things as your tags, descriptions and even a choice of graphics and del.icio.us/RSS buttons.

I display my bookmarks in my sidebar using Feedsplitter and my del.icio.us RSS feed but this is a little bit easier and wouldn’t require you to install anything on your server.

I like these “badges” (I think that’s Flickr’s term for this idea or script forms which allow someone with relatively no web programming skill (like me) to be able to easily move content into a website.

Libraries ought to package up our content as such (Library news, new books, recommended subject/course resources) and make it easy as pie for a prof to stick it into a WebCT/LMS course page, a department home page, or whatever else they can think of.

All the more reason to make sure you’ve got RSS feeds for your services and collections information.

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