TypePad blocked in China

It looks as though China has blocked its citizens from accesing Typepad-hosted blogs. The only way that many bloggers have reported being able to access their site is via their RSS aggregators.

The details are somewhat fuzzy, although the details and comments in this post reveal that there is most definitely an issue of censorship at work.

Many other websites have been blocked as of late as the Chinese government continues to bring the curtain down on its residents.

The Globe and Mail recently ran a story on the blocking of the Trudeau Foundation site, which contains information on social rights and human justice, discovered in their logs that no one from China had accessed their site during the past year.

“With sophisticated “sniffing” software, Chinese authorities routinely block or censor the sites of many organizations, including human-rights groups, religious organizations, much of the Western media, and anything connected to Tibetan or Taiwanese independence.

One study estimates that 19,000 sites are regularly blocked in China, the most elaborate system of Internet censorship in the world.”

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