From the Pope to your Pepys

R.I.P – a 20 gig hard drive, only 2 years old. I can think of better ways to spend my weekend than troubleshooting dead hardware (although I am at least partially consoled by the 100 gigs of storage space I now have). (did I just say that? I am such a nerd…)

A friend was asking me today how long it would be until I tried my hand at moblogging. I don’t have a wireless card for the Cli so I’ll be waiting a while. It’s pretty interesting to think that you could always be just a phone call away from a blog entry.

The Granddaddy of Blogging – none other than our old musty friend, Samuel Pepys. I first read some of Pepys’ diaries in a history class on early modern Britain. It’s pretty amazing stuff if you’re looking for primary accounts of what a day in the life of a 17th century Londoner was like. Or a rich one, anyway. For the curious, the BBC has a really interesting site of excerpts from Pepys’ diary on a variety of topics from sex to head lice.

Holy St. Peter and Paul!! Even the Pope likes Harry Potter.

Dell and Sears have teamed up to convince you to put a new PC into your home. Dell’s been busy putting kiosks into malls for a while, although I’m not aware of any on this side of the border.

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