IBM’s dogear

Always curious about the inner workings of big corporations, I was enthused to hear of IBM’s growing interest in social software.

It was actually Gene Smith’s del.icio.ius feed that pointed me to a reporting on Joho the Blog of IBM’s inner workings where we find that social bookmarking, blogging and similar social services are finding strong uptake.

Particularly interesting was the chatter about dogear — a social bookmarking model which operates behind the firewall and out of the public view.

17,000 bookmarks generated in 2-3 months sounds like a pretty worthwhile investment for an intranet re-design project and is something I hope we can consider implementing when we’re re-designing our own site (granted we have a few less staff than IBM).

Lots of really interesting stuff going on behind the scenes at IBM. I’m glad Gene dog-eared the story.

Go technorati or google search Amazon’s new tagging service if you’re still a little suspect of the potential uptake of bookmarking for the masses. Adoption by Amazon generally indicates fairly good odds that something is on the rise.

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