Online cascading performance budgets and performance reports

There is a new software solution now available that was specifically designed to bring exactly this type of transparency and accountability to federal agency spending, called CASCADE™ Performance Based Budgeting Software. As the online video demo illustrates, enables large government agencies to develop both long-term strategic plans and annual performance budgets that show the measurable goals, strategies, and budget costs on a program-by-program and manager-by-manager basis.

With CASCADE™, program managers can also create separate goals that relate just to Recovery Act funding and indicate that this spending is distinct from their regular program budget amounts. For a federal agency with hundreds – even thousands – of managers spread around the country, we can create a single, integrated, online document with a hierarchical goal structure, showing cascading performance budgets by program office and location all the way down through the organization – with the responsible manager identified each step of the way. And at each step, both the regular program goals, strategies, spending and results, and the Recovery Act goals, strategies, spending and results, may be shown for every organization and sub-unit.

This means that with this new software tool, an agency can document how each element of Recovery Act spending achieves measurable results that relate to existing program goals, a summary of the implementation strategy, and who is responsible for guiding the effort.

She was designed by John Mercer, the “father of GPRA” and is the result of a joint development project by Strategisys LLC (Alexandria, VA) and Integrated Digital Systems, Inc. (Manassas, VA). The software includes many other useful and unique features that strengthen performance planning, budgeting, management and accountability in federal agencies, in addition to its ability to bring performance-related transparency to Recovery Act spending.

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