Cold relief

There’s something relaxing about watching a blizzard outside your window as you sit snug and warm in the comfort of your apartment. Edmonton is still in the throes of a bizarre weather system that has brought with it snow, freezing rain, and bitterly cold temperatures.

For a moment, I did think that I might escape. I saw a return ticket to Honolulu the other day for 249.00 dollars as we were walking through the mall. The catch? Tack on an extra 150.00 bucks for taxes, and another 35.00 dollars in service charges. Those damn dirty apes – Why do they have to toy with us? Why? Why?…

“The USA Patriot Act, passed after the Sept. 11 attacks, gave the FBI new powers to investigate terrorism, including the ability to look at library records and computer hard drives to see what books patrons have checked out, what Web pages they’ve visited, and where they’ve sent e-mails.” Enough is enough.

In a never ending struggle to purge my computer of old files and useless crap, I happened upon this little treasure. Did Gary Coleman (leave Gary alone!) actually star in an episode of Knight Rider? Or better yet, did David Hasselhoff and KIT make a guest appearance on Different Strokes? I can just picture Mrs. Garrett jumping in the pilot seat of KIT as they head off to bust some baddies.

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