Dissect Medicine: Nature.com’s Digg for the Medical Sciences

I’m finishing up some slides for another Education Institute webcast I’ll be giving on Tuesday, Why the Masses Love Metadata: Folksonomies, Tagging and the Amateur Expert (i’ll post the slides later this week).

I was poking around Connotea to see what had changed recently and stumbled through into their Lauchpad , self billed as the home for the “cool things” they are doing with social software and other new innovative ways of thinking.

I noticed Dissect Medicine for the first time, which appears to be a Digg like service where stories, citations, and articles get pooled and voted onto the homepage by community members.

Aside from the very sexy 2.0 stylings, the site seems to be well thought out (granted, they had Digg as a good model to work from). Will it take off? Who knows.

But I did read the other day in Business Week or some such publication, that Digg, Newsvine and similar services, while far from perfect, will form the early shapings of the future of publication.

Looking for a Web 2.0 job at Nature.com? They seem to be shopping around for someone like you.

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