Filling Institutional Repositories: Practical strategies

I better blog the following before I lose track of it: Main Articles: ‘Filling Institutional Repositories: Practical strategies from the DAEDALUS Project’, Ariadne Issue 39.

I sat through an interesting library training session this morning on GIS and spatial data.

One of the requests expressed this morning came from the Department of Biological Sciences, who are looking for ways that they can better keep track of GIS/SP data generated on campus.

Projects like DSpace could facilitate archiving of this data given that the appropriate rights licensing can be worked out –no reason why we would need to be limited to simply archiving papers and other written forms of research.

One of the speakers also talked about wanting a mechanism to be able to communicate and share news and work related to GIS on campus.

This of course made me think of using blogs for communities of interest on campus, another ongoing discussion I have been having with several members of the Graduate Student Association Executive. This seems like an opportunity worth pursuing. hmm…

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