More links than a Ukrainian sausage factory

Yes, it has been one of those days when laughter has kept the ship afloat. Although everyone has heaps of work piling up around them, it’s a pleasure to be around people who can still crack a smile.

I will be in Jasper for the next few days attending ALC and doing my bit as a new member on the LAA board of directors. I will report back on events when I return.

And now, on to the links:

Terms of Use for Harvard weblogs – this could be a good model for those that are considering using blogs in the classroom, etc.

I was starting to seriously question Palm’s ability to compete in the hardware market. I’m happy to report that Palm is on the upswing, and that they are finally back on the trail to innovation (and affordability, without sacrificing one for the other).

Version 48 of Charles W. Bailey’s Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography is now available for download.

“Welcome to the new battlegrounds of American science. No conspiracy, nor even one political agenda, links the incidents above.

But US scientists say they are indicative of a new climate that has emerged under the Bush administration: one driven partly by close relationships with big business, but just as much by a fiercely moral approach to the business of science.

The approach is not exclusively religious, nor exclusively right-wing, but is spreading worry as never before through the nation’s laboratories and lecture halls.”

Very nice! Internet Movie Database – DVD Information: “Not only has the IMDB become a respected source for movie and tv info but it’s also a great resource for DVD info. Of course you could first search for the movie and then find the link for DVD info.

However, a “DVD only” interface is available for searching and browsing. Browse categories include, picture formats, subtitles, disc formats. Keyword searching and limiting (several options) is also available. Each entry contains complete technical info along with listing any additional features that the DVD offers.

“Of course, you can also use the IMDB’s wonderful “Power Search” interface to find DVD’s and all other material in the database.”

Had P Diddy gone to library school, things may have been much different…

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