Diggin’ Digg

I’m sure many of you are as enthralled with Digg as I am. I had heard some reports that Digg was now topping Slashdot in terms of readership (not sure if thats actually the case yet though) and I certainly had the sense that stories were very often getting “dug” before they were getting “dotted.”

Geeks everywhere are jousting over which is better and at least according to the site, digg vs. dot, digg may have the upper hand.

If you haven’t discovered Digg yet (and for a lot of people I’ve been talking to this is still the case) it is definitely worth adding to your reading list. Wired is reporting that after celebrating a whopping one month old birthday, their 500 000 daily visitors are growing at a crazy rate, rapidly gaining on our old friend Slashdot.

It’s really quite a cool site and certainly seems to have expediency on its side, In fact, I’m also becoming a little addicted to my DTV and have found the weekly roundup on Diggnation to be a most enjoyable way to kill a little time on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, a 2.8 million dollar investment is probably a good sign that Digg will stick around for a bit so do check it out if you haven’t already done so. It certainly gets a vote and a couple of thumbs up from me.

Some more mysterious tagging and news aggregation talk from a week ago re: the soon to be released Newsvine. Interesting stuff. I saw a reference to it earlier but didn’t really have time to check it out until tonight (and its not live yet so that’s about where my interest ends for now).

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