The Ins and Outs of RSS

I started my morning off today by leading an audio session for the Education Institute on “The Ins and Outs of RSS.”

I’ve posted the six slides-per-page PDF version of the slides (6.6 mb) to my blog (sorry about the size, folks!) — and for those that weren’t able to attend, there’s some talk of repeating the session later on in the year.

My thanks again to EI and Darlene Fichter for orchestrating a very well organized session. It was a really enjoyable experience on my end and I hope the attendees were able to get a little something out of it too.

It was very cool to hear that the session set a new attendance record for EI, which was no doubt all due to the rising interest within libraries and abroad for all things RSS.

I’m not an RSS zealot by any means but I do think its one of many tools in our toolbox that libraries and our partners can use to leverage our resources and services.

This was my first time conducting an audio-only conference and I have to admit that I still prefer the face-to-face interaction of in-person conference presentations.

It’s tough speaking into the abyss of your phone receiver and not having any of the visual cues and energy that usually come from the audience. Nevertheless, I had a really good experience this morning and EI is definitely an organization that I would look forward to working with again.

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