Keeping One Click Ahead

Gary’s got the presentation. Rita’s will be posted to the Information Today site sometime soon.Overall, the session was interesting and not padded with a lot of filler.

They’re both entertaining speakers – candid about their views, and able to skillfully cut to the chase, which is refreshing and a much needed attribute for library conference presenters.

In general, lots of talk about RSS and even the dreaded RSS information Overload which afflicts the most rabid consumers (all the more reason to weed your feeds regularly… and it still beats the hell out of dying from email list overload). Rita qualified this statement with “There is too much “noise overload,” including bloggers who just post news releases with no analysis. “Press releases are lies.” A bold statement but one that I would generally agree with.

A few things for me to check out

  • TVEyes (searches open web media files)
  • Congoo (service where you download a toolbar (jump through hoop) to get select amount of content from publishers that usually has a fee (lame compared to what public libraries offer throuugh their services – where is the marketing??
  • Vendors need to also step up to bat [to put that in this news into their press releases.]

Good quote from Gary…

“The deep web is anything below the top 5 search results on a Google search page…”

Random notes from Rita’s section…

“a good year for gizmos, not a good year for content…”

“Librarians’s Index is in trouble… (due to funding)”

She highlighted the level of chitchat vs quality information (eg MySpace). Not as much posting of good research level content as there used to be [I’m not sure about this as a general statement although i agree that there is *a lot* of noise.] “big problem with evidence-based content… (questions of methodology)”

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