Access and Net Speed debriefing

I had a fantastic, invigorating, exhausting, and rejuvenating week participating in two conferences from Sunday, Oct 16 through to Friday, Oct 21. Talk about packin’ it in – unbelievable.

I set out with great intentions of blogging both conferences but as you can see from my posting history…it just didn’t happen. Part of it was that I saw Mark and others doing a fantastic job of reporting via Planet Access.

Part of it was that between being a member of the Access planning committee and being on the hook for a couple of Netspeed sessions I was more than preoccupied.

And part of it was that my mind was literally racing with ideas from all the amazing speakers I was hearing and seeing. Where do you even begin with writing session highlights when you’ve got Lorcan, Geist, Peter, Mark, Dan and a host of other great presenters (seriously, the list is huge!) rattling off thought provoking idea after idea. I was like a kid at a candy factory, a drug addict at a crack factory (only with less risk of ending up in prison) and on go the comparisons.

Access was far and away the best conference I’ve ever been to — all biases aside. It will definitely be high on my list of events to attend for many years to come.

I have a folder of partial blog postings from many of the conference sessions I attended, which may or may not ever get posted. I may get around to cleaning them up over the course of the next couple of days, we’ll see.

However, I’ll be posting some slides from the two Netspeed sessions that I did with Kenton and James as soon as I can figure out a good way off compacting some rather large Keynote presentations into a form suitable for the web. More to follow.

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