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Structured Data, Web 2.0, Libaries

Notes from Lorcan Dempsey’s excellent talk on making more out of data resources. Characteristics of Web 2.0 are the flattening of applications and the ability to stitch these services ...

The Web 2.0 Challenge to Libraries

Paul Miller, Technology Evangelist (quite the job title), is about to begin any minute now. TALIS distributed a paper copy of their Library 2.0 vision document, “Library 2.0: The ...

Citizen Feedback

If the goal is truly to allow the monitoring of expenditures and use of funds, then the first issue which should be addressed is the effectiveness of the data you capture. Reveal, and ...

Cloud, Web 2.0 and Identity Management

Cloud Computing is an attractive way to use software in support of the government’s mission. As a topic in IT circles, it certainly gets a lot of ink and with the promise of lowering ...