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Social Computing Reshapes eLearning

A whirlwind September follows a relaxing summer blogging hiatus. It was nice to lay off blogging for a bit in favor of other things that were competing for my time. I’m likely to ...

Delicious Library and Ottobib

I picked up a new Macbook last week at the campus bookstore (splurged on the black one and snuck in on the Nano giveaway) and have been playing around with some of the new features ...

Dissect Medicine: Nature.com’s Digg for the Medical Sciences

I’m finishing up some slides for another Education Institute webcast I’ll be giving on Tuesday, Why the Masses Love Metadata: Folksonomies, Tagging and the Amateur Expert (i’ll ...

Connecting the Dots: Social Software and the Social Nature of Libraries

I’m in the process of cleaning up *everything* today — from half-finished projects to various tasks too long the victim of my procrastination. Yes, even my overflowing inbox of ...

Mechanical Turk and leveraging people-to-people networks

I came across an interesting story from Wired this morning:“Man vs. Machine in Newsreader War.” The article discusses one of my favorite sites, Digg, which has quickly replaced ...